Our Final Special
       As you may know, for years now, we have been designing and printing custom labels for certain businesses, and for all kinds of special occasions.  Over time, we have accumulated quite a few labels from over-runs and extras.  Most of the more than 200 special labels we have printed were for Island people and for Island businesses.

       As a final special to our customers, we will put these assorted labels on 500 ml . bottles, packed 18 to a case, with 18 different labels in a box.  These  cases will be in limited supply, and will serve as a lasting remembrance of Chilmark Spring Water Co..  They will also be a unique souvenir of many Island businesses and special events.  The labels we will use will be original over-runs, and not re-prints.  We will probably only produce 100 cases or less, since the process will be very labor intensive.

                These Special Souvenir Packs will be priced at $35.00 each.  
                                      Order now before they are gone !
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